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Planning a wedding? Wow, are you going to love us.

Now you can have the elegant, luxury wedding you always dreamed of, but without the stress, red tape or enormous expense.

Simply select one of our venues, find your favorite caterer and your wedding planning is almost done.

If you want pizza, Grandma's Lasagna or catering from your favorite restaurant, bring it! Want a cake? Bring it.

If you want beer, wine, a full bar or no bar, no problem, we're BYOB, so bring what you want!

Come discover the exciting changes at The Abe, where we're making planning and hosting weddings fun and affordable again.

To get started planning your wedding at The Abe-Reading, just give us a call at 610-372-3711.

Or, send us an email to Events@TheAbe-Reading.com.

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